Heavenly Boomerang

FB Status August 9:
I’ll say it before, say it now, and say it again in the future: I could not have worked my way out of solitary poverty without the programs that were in place to support my attempts to do so: Food Stamps, Medical Assistance, a tuition free school with a job placement program (had to do that to begin with, instead of my planned college career because I found I was expecting and had no family able to really assist), W.I.C., the absolutely kickass Durham Infant Toddler program in Philly. Most of this is G-O-N-E today or if existing, then unrecognizable.

These programs were income-based and there for me for as long as I needed them. My DREAM was a job with health insurance. I was resoundingly successful as time went on, due to a strong work ethic, flexibility, motivation and a willing mind. I have more productive and joyful times at work ahead of me and more interesting people to meet and assist.

But I know that I could not break through and progress as I did back then in today’s environment.

The world really has gotten colder as [1] student loan programs have become profoundly predatory (you watch, it’s the next big scandal since the criminal predatory mortgage scams), [2] people have been convinced to vote against their own interests and spend tax money on war and not peace, killing and not helping people to develop [3] MOST turn to pharmaceuticals and TV to continue on, sleepwalking and hoping just to be left in a little peace.

It can all change back. I hope it does and I believe it will. Back to the Future. And we CAN afford to invest in our population, and in our roads, bridges and public schools and universities. We cannot afford to abandon them. The stranger you vote to abandon today will be waking up in their car tomorrow, accosting you in the street for spare change or selling drugs to your kids – thinking they have no choice but to do so. Whether they are right or wrong in that belief, that is the truth of how it works. People will do what they need  to survive.

We are all one. Currently, there are not enough jails in the world to hold all the sincere people being shut out of a chance to give to society and shine their light. Cause and effect is real. Pick up a shovel and let’s help dig each other out or look out for that boomerang. By the way, the shovels they have for you at the voting polls are very light! #facefacts

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