Comfortable Shoe Brigade

Look, I’ve ALWAYS been in the Comfortable Shoe Brigade. Mostly because of the River of Lisa Loopner Running Through It. I’ve stumbled while wearing 1/2 inch flats. More than once. In my late twenties. Publically.

I tried. At work at the engineering firm in my CADD incarnation, dressed for success in my skirt and 1-inch heels, I, Harpo-like, silently tripped over a staircase consisting of only 3 steps, flipping and landing on my side.

The arm that caught me raised me up, so that I, along with my astounded male colleagues, could observe one of my shoes, standing neatly, facing forward, on one of the steps where my foot ditched it. Once everyone knew I was okay, (they were good guys, after all) hysterical laughter broke the silence.

Another day, my boss smiled and silently pointed downwards at my two identical pumps. Identical except that one was blue and one was purple. My son had to be dropped off at camp during that work day. I was a new driver. Work was far. I got up real early. Shoe color was apparently not top priority. I spent the remainder of the day casually and artfully arranging my feet UNDER things.

My shoes must be devoted members of Team Claire. I need their support.

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