Yoko Ono

Yoko Ono is an oft-misunderstood figure. In her 80’s, still performing, partnering, involved – she is a remarkable person and STILL way ahead of her time if you ask me.

Along with her performance art and her fearless outside -the- box activism, she has always had an engineer’s mind and that is what many fail to recognize.

There was a reason John Lennon worshipped her and that speaks well of him. She was doing her own thing and unaware of him when they met.

But all the world saw was “broke up the Beatles” (untrue), not pretty (ditto but who cares), “too outspoken” (really?).

Misogyny anyone?

Dear Friends
As all of us are devastated by the loss of so many lives of innocent children in the Israeli/Palestinian conflict, I will be lighting IMAGINE PEACE TOWER on Thursday 7th August, hoping that such violence will stop immediately.
With deep sadness and love, yoko
Yoko Ono Lennon
1 August 2014


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