19th Birthday Kendrick Johnson

Two days ago you would have turned 19. Rest in a peace full of grace eternal spirit of 17-year old Kendrick Johnson.

You all know my cover photo is a remembrance for this young man and a recognition of the fact that the mystery of his death has never even come close to being solved.

So for his birthday, despite the fact that it is sad, amidst the world’s other troubles, I feel I owe it to his family to update the situation. At least THEY will know he is not forgotten by those near AND far, and take some small comfort.

You may remember that Kendrick was at high school, in the daytime, when he “tripped and fell into a gym mat, while looking for his shoe”. Then the gym mat “rolled around him, and he died of suffocation”. How unfortunate! Case closed. Uh….okay.

When his parents, unable to bear such disregard for the life of their child, hired a lawyer, had him exhumed, they found that he had instead, died of blunt force trauma to the head – right there at school.

Worse than this, and most perplexing, every single organ including his brain, was removed and replaced with newspaper. And then he was buried for the first time, THAT way, with no one the wiser, until the exhumation. They tried to get the funeral parlor in trouble for that.

That’s just one. There have been so many efforts to throw investigators off the scent and cause enough confusion to make all but the most sincerely dedicated to throw up their hands.

For example, after much hurry-scurry, hem-haw, Georgia school admits to editing the videos routinely aimed to monitor students at the school. They are edited to omit crucial points, and blurred at other points in ways that make identifications impossible.

They gathered many students for interviews, yes, but honestly, from what happened afterwards, it appears they did it to come up with a string of implausible stories: he went out with a white girl once a year before, and the white boys killed him for it. Yeah, that’s it. But darnit, that girl up and said she knew him but didn’t date him. And the boy said yes, he and Kendrick had a disagreement the year before, but not over that girl, and they had been fine when he died.

Then there was ‘blame the handicapped guy”. A young man, a caucasian named Dalton Chauncy, after intensive questioning, gave evidence that he heard other students talking about bearing responsibility. This was so easily challenged and shot down by the parents of the accused. Oh yes, one of the young people involved with this was the son of an FBI agent.

Poor Dalton was then charged with giving false evidence! Dalton Chauncey’s mom said her son is well known to struggle with mental disabilities, had been pressured under questioning to say what he did, and was being used as a fall guy, to distract and cause confusion. She believes the Lowndes County sheriff’s office is covering up the murder, who did it and the reasons for it.

So amidst all such, charges were brought, based on the phony stories, dropped based on the discrediting and then the CASE WAS CLOSED. Now apparently, the FBI is getting involved, but I don’t know how hopeful I am.

3min. Sept. 2014 Update:

After all, horrifying as it is, there is a black market for organ-harvesting. Ghastly, I know. Is it worse to know, or worse to not care?? Plain and simple, that seems to be what happened in this and several other seemingly causeless murders of young black men, perceived to be powerless and vulnerable, for whatever reason.

These incidents come to light or they don’t. After all, rarely are bodies of young black men exhumed. We should be thankful to Kendrick’s parents!!!. The missing organ systems would not have been discovered had his family not pursued it.

Many people feel what’s done is done and “don’t make trouble”. Let sleeping dogs lie, even when that means ignoring the murder of a child. Fear is strong.

Even reading stuff like this is impossible for some people. So evil thrives.

My life has been touched by evil. And to me, the defenders are the angels of this earth, not the ones who “don’t want trouble”.

It is going to take more than this case to expose it. Most people dismiss this nd much prefer to live with head-scratching question marks or try to believe preposterous narratives offered up, one after the other.Death on school grounds by self-rolling gym mat?







For his 19th birthday, I join his family and loved ones in remembering Kendrick, and recognizing the significance of his completely unresolved murder. May he rest in infinite peace. Happy Birthday Kendrick until justice is done.

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