Precious Traditions

This beautiful educational minute starts out with the words “It’s important to carry on your traditions and your culture.” That type of sentiment always puts me through a change. I know a novel-worthy anecdote about how my father’s side got to this country and my mom’s side was first generation Romanian-Russian. Her mom never even learned to speak English and her dad was not someone I would brag on – more an instructive tale of what happens when people are unwillingly uprooted. Everyone is not an “I can do it. I WILL do it!” success story. Some people get affected and don’t really recover. I was not given the opportunity to know much about my cultural heritage – although some of it seeped in from who my parents and older brothers and sisters WERE – their predilections. I received no training and for most of my childhood, lived with one determined, unique woman. She was completely alienated from this culture and that of her parents. In the absence of a tribe, I claimed humanity as my family. I was equal opportunity. I continue to do my own work, and to love and fight for all.

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