Rage of the Privileged

(VOTE) You know, with Kavanaugh, what got me the most was his scrunched up facial expression that one day. To me, it was THE perfect, entitled, furious, crybaby face. “This isn’t supposed to ever happen to ME!! Its not rape when I do it!”

It’s as if WE are the ones letting HIM down! smh Contrary to what daddy told you, I had no deal to allow your tire tracks on MY back, sir. Neither do all my sisters, moms, the multitude who have endured this nonsense. But maybe I did make a deal, because he’s up there on the bench. (VOTE)

ANYWAY, there is this police officer, Jason Van Dyke, who took exactly 6 seconds to come out of his car, and murder teenager LaQuan McDonald, who was walking AWAY from the police car, and down the middle of an EMPTY street. The teenager was high on PCP, refusing to interact, and refusing to put down a 3-INCH KNIFE that he was holding as he walked.

So you see, this officer felt his only alternative was to shoot this teenager IN THE BACK – executing him on the spot with 16 bullets. This decision took 6 seconds for him to make.

Empty street. Someone called 9-1-1 because seeing young LaQuan out there alone, the fear was he was trying to break into cars.


I’ll tell you a secret. Once, a friend and I walked down the street high on PCP. Just once. I wasn’t ever a druggie. I was an excellent student, bookish and introverted. But I was also curious, unprotected, unguided, unsheltered, unspoiled, unattended, unafraid and adventurous. So, of course, I’d try things. Once. Just to see.

PCP – I don’t recommend it. What is it, elephant tranquilizer or something? Ugh. Bad idea. I’d walk in front of a bus rather than leave my kid to think that was something to do. But to my ma, I know you did your best.

Anyway, IJS, LaQuan McDonald. Who knows you’re real story? Were you any worse than me? I really don’t see how! Well, you got to graduate high school. Made it that far. So sad. So unjust. Please be cradled in loving most tender peace.

And now to the point: this officer, Mr. Jason Van Dyke – just look at his face, and you’ll see.

It’s EXACTLY the same expression as Kavanaugh’s when Kavanaugh was having his pity party on the stand, defending his right to “like beer” – scrunched up, livid, entitled, trying and failing, to not be too angry, trying not to cry. “This shouldn’t be happening to ME.” VOTE.

No. It shouldn’t. You and Kavanaugh have both been showing up and doing what your mentors and peers expect of you. Instead, you should have been trained to Protect and Serve Everyone. Treat ALL teenagers like teenagers. Somehow, I know, I know, you got the idea that it was OK to murder some of us. At least maybe you’ll serve 6 years (“2nd degree” murder with good behavior). VOTE.

I heard the latest on Timothy Loehmann, the Cleveland officer who took 2 seconds to murder 12-yr old Tamir Rice. He was hired at his 3rd Ohio PD, in a part-time capacity. But after the immediate public outcry, he was let go. That was this week.

In 2014, twelve-year old Tamir was sitting on a swing in a Cleveland park playing with a toy pellet gun. Officer Loehmann made short shrift of THAT life because someone looked out their 2nd story apartment window and reported to 9-1-1 that someone was playing with a gun that was “probably fake”. It took 3 years for Cleveland to fire Loehmann. It’s notable, too, that they first hired him after he left a job at an Ohio PD, where it was noted in his personnel file that he exhibited “a dangerous lack of composure” during firearms training. When Cleveland PD

fired him, they did it not because he took 2 seconds to murder an innocent child, but because they uncovered a lie on his job application. VOTE.

Prayers up for our children. BLM, women matter, all children matter. All indigenous lives matter. Black and brown immigrants lives matter. VOTE.

The individual lives of each individual, whether lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or non-binary person matter. VOTE.

The individual lives of persons with unusual abilities and disabilities are beautiful, full of potential and important. They matter. We matter. VOTE.

o one should be raised to feel aggrieved that they don’t get away with rape and murder. What a tragedy for us all.

Ok. I’ll stop. Check it out. Do you know anyone in danger? VOTE.

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