Rage of the Privileged

(VOTE) You know, with Kavanaugh, what got me the most was his scrunched up facial expression that one day. To me, it was THE perfect, entitled, furious, crybaby face. “This isn’t supposed to ever happen to ME!! Its not rape when I do it!”

It’s as if WE are the ones letting HIM down! smh Contrary to what daddy told you, I had no deal to allow your tire tracks on MY back, sir. Neither do all my sisters, moms, the multitude who have endured this nonsense. But maybe I did make a deal, because he’s up there on the bench. (VOTE)

ANYWAY, there is this police officer, Jason Van Dyke, who took exactly 6 seconds to come out of his car, and murder teenager LaQuan McDonald, who was walking AWAY from the police car, and down the middle of an EMPTY street. The teenager was high on PCP, refusing to interact, and refusing to put down a 3-INCH KNIFE that he was holding as he walked.

So you see, this officer felt his only alternative was to shoot this teenager IN THE BACK – executing him on the spot with 16 bullets. This decision took 6 seconds for him to make.

Empty street. Someone called 9-1-1 because seeing young LaQuan out there alone, the fear was he was trying to break into cars.


I’ll tell you a secret. Once, a friend and I walked down the street high on PCP. Just once. I wasn’t ever a druggie. I was an excellent student, bookish and introverted. But I was also curious, unprotected, unguided, unsheltered, unspoiled, unattended, unafraid and adventurous. So, of course, I’d try things. Once. Just to see.

PCP – I don’t recommend it. What is it, elephant tranquilizer or something? Ugh. Bad idea. I’d walk in front of a bus rather than leave my kid to think that was something to do. But to my ma, I know you did your best.

Anyway, IJS, LaQuan McDonald. Who knows you’re real story? Were you any worse than me? I really don’t see how! Well, you got to graduate high school. Made it that far. So sad. So unjust. Please be cradled in loving most tender peace.

And now to the point: this officer, Mr. Jason Van Dyke – just look at his face, and you’ll see.

It’s EXACTLY the same expression as Kavanaugh’s when Kavanaugh was having his pity party on the stand, defending his right to “like beer” – scrunched up, livid, entitled, trying and failing, to not be too angry, trying not to cry. “This shouldn’t be happening to ME.” VOTE.

No. It shouldn’t. You and Kavanaugh have both been showing up and doing what your mentors and peers expect of you. Instead, you should have been trained to Protect and Serve Everyone. Treat ALL teenagers like teenagers. Somehow, I know, I know, you got the idea that it was OK to murder some of us. At least maybe you’ll serve 6 years (“2nd degree” murder with good behavior). VOTE.

I heard the latest on Timothy Loehmann, the Cleveland officer who took 2 seconds to murder 12-yr old Tamir Rice. He was hired at his 3rd Ohio PD, in a part-time capacity. But after the immediate public outcry, he was let go. That was this week.

In 2014, twelve-year old Tamir was sitting on a swing in a Cleveland park playing with a toy pellet gun. Officer Loehmann made short shrift of THAT life because someone looked out their 2nd story apartment window and reported to 9-1-1 that someone was playing with a gun that was “probably fake”. It took 3 years for Cleveland to fire Loehmann. It’s notable, too, that they first hired him after he left a job at an Ohio PD, where it was noted in his personnel file that he exhibited “a dangerous lack of composure” during firearms training. When Cleveland PD
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Oregon’s Bundy Brothers? No Charges

National Guard? Tanks? Fire hoses? Burning the building down? I don’t wish this. I practice and believe in non-violence.

But when authorities kill the innocent or execute those guilty of the pettiest of property crimes, this is what peaceful protesters face…No one cares if ‘Hands up don’t shoot’ or ‘I can’t breathe.’..in a country where the right to peacefully protest is guaranteed, as is the right to survive and have a fair trial.

Are there FBI plants breaking through barriers, inciting this situation to tip over? Unnecessary. It HAS tipped over. But no one used it as an excuse for public executions.

Public schools are closed! Townspeople are FURIOUS. Violent bullies upset over the effects of property laws have staged an unlawful armed takeover of an area that serves all. Closed it until further notice.

Take all the time you need, folks.

These bullies have stepped right past you and the legislative process and they have their own army.

Your anger is not being encouraged. The airwaves aren’t FILLED with fear-mongering about the violence spreading to other cities – even though THAT THREAT IS REAL. How about the inconvenience to the non-protesting citizens, the tax dollars wasted on this?

This is not brought to a speedy end. We are settling in.

You don’t have to explain why to me. I live here too.

I am trying to get you to notice two aspects.

1. Social engineering at work. How we perceive events in our world (or don’t) is managed and steered. Question where your attention is directed.
2. Why anyone who loves ALL people understands the reason that the slogan is BLACKlivesmatter.

For me to concern myself with the cause of these men, I would have to know that me and mine have the right to protest over not loss of land, but loss of life….and that our lives would be protected and our situation viewed in proper perspective – and not fear-of-a-black-planet perspective, either.

I am not even saying I disagree with how this is being handled. I just wish I could count on the same care being given to my concerns.

So, whose life do you NOT mess with?
Ah. We see. And who brings the real threat of a lawless society?

Our Government Is What We Used to Call a Pot-Stirrer – Fight Back With Joy, Hope, Brains

Saw this New York Times article

on November 15, 2014 and wrote the following:

Face it. Our government is all in our s*** . Not that I am surprised. To be clear, I had already read from other sources that our government infiltrates peaceful law-abiding groups that it decides are potentially “troublesome” and FACILITATES THE TROUBLE by gaining trust and then instigating more extreme behavior. This hastens the demise of the group. Fits perfectly with what I have observed over the decades.

But wow anyway. This article assumes that and goes WAY FURTHER. Itreally hurts to see it right there in the New York Times. It’s a good hurt though – because it pushed me to a realization of sorts.

Look, few are going to take action to stop this. Since this is the case, articles like this in the corporate media intend to sow seeds of distrust between US, a fear of the covert part of our government and of being misunderstood and subsequently targeted by it. This affects how free we feel to question or disagree with current policies (uh, not very).

This issue spans the political spectrum, from right-to-lifers to pro-choicers, from climate changers and climate deniers, veterans and current reservists, nutrition or medical establishment reformers, those with geo-engineering concerns, just about anyone with a beef with the status quo!

So: I am going to launch an all-out personal empowerment and positive campaign and encourage others to do the same.

To me, this does not mean only happy news, folks. I believe that focusing only on happy goings-on is flat-out abandoning my brothers and sisters. I just won’t do it. That makes me too sad! So I guess that makes me some kind of activist. I don’t think of it that way at all though. Maybe someone else has a better word for when you refuse to ignore injustice in order to reduce the anxiety of the “sunshine and daisy police”.

What I will do, though, is reaffirm that the focus of my life is to remain joyful that I am still able to take action and support others, remain hopeful NO MATTER WHAT and never give up. I am so happy and appreciative for so many aspects of this world and those who inhabit it with me.

I believe there is still mystery, and still solutions to be found. As Einstein said, “”No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.” So we continue to remain open to getting smarter in the deepest sense and to the unknown both within and without.

I’m Not Cynical

I’m not cynical. It’s the opposite. From time to time, when I give my take on a topic in the news, I receive a surprised, “You’re so cynical.” People getting to know me don’t expect it, because I AM so positive. They expect rays of sunshine and daisies to flow from my lips. Hey, sometimes they do!

As a child, no one was really protecting me or to what I was exposed. So in the poor section of Miami Beach, I saw many things and experienced many things, too. Most of all, I saw really wealthy people come to act out where no one knew them. ALOT.

And at the apartment, I lived with an intelligent and curious person who was so done with being a parent and was still an abuse survivor as well as overworked, distracted and beaten-down-by-patriarchy.

So I am not surprised by things in the news that others are debating whether to believe at all. And to me, it is a KINDNESS to speak the truth and not look away from it. It’s what we can do!

Rape and child abuse are HUGE in this country. Note: My only question re Cosby is: Who did he piss off? What deal did he try to get out of that it is now suddenly Cosby open season? Of course he did it. But to think it is so uncommon…that is the part. Which well-paid underling was steering these hopeful girls to Cosby? Same with Jerry Sandusky case – only it should be a wake-up call and not “now we got that bad guy”. How many underlings looked the other way? For how many years? How many faceless peers shared his “interest” in founding Second Mile children’s charity? What did they tell themselves? So sad.

But a villain is found and scapegoated, thrown to the wolves so the rest can continue in quiet. If this is news, sorry to wreck your high.

You think it stops because it’s unpleasant to you when you notice it?

I REALLY don’t get the “staying positive” thing!!!! It looks to me like doing your part to support business-as-usual. And yet we wonder at the Holocaust and those reprehensible slave-owners. “How could this go on for so long?”

I am not for sensationalism. I get no kick. Check this: I don’t even rent movies with violence and sadism in them! That leaves out wide swathes of popular culture, that I would otherwise enjoy, let me tell you.

How come we are so into it on the screen but it’s so “inappropriate” and “extremist” to stand up to it in real life??!!!

I have an idea. How about learning to feel elevated, liberated and kind and good when you recognize an unpleasant reality for the first time? I think anything OTHER than that is CYNICAL!! Because it’s not telling the truth when deep in you, you know. How do YOU define cynicism?

And you have to ask, who are you protecting? And why?

The Majority of Blind Men, the Elephant and Renisha McBride

Renisha McBride is the 19-year old woman who crashed her car on Nov, 2013, and was shot dead in the face while seeking help. After the accident, discombobulated (with a possible head injury), she found her way to Mr. Wafer’s house and knocked on the door in the wee hours. Speaking of narratives (pardon the pun), the Associated Press chose the following words to announce the success of the prosecution in the McBride murder case:

“Suburban homeowner convicted of second degree murder for killing woman who showed up drunk on porch.”

Okay, now just try to imagine a young white girl, all alone, coming from a night out, crashing, stumbling alone, a long way, finding a black neighborhood, finally – arriving on someone’s front step – disoriented and disheveled. A black man answers and ends the encounter by shooting her in the face.

With a tip of the hat (H/T) to Urbandaily.com and Robt. Jones, here are just a few of the reactions that parody the AP tweet.The hashtag generated was#apheadlines

U.S Ships refuse to get out of way of Japanese bombs causing a mess to form in Pearl Harbor #APHeadlines

Black people in Detroit participate in collective water fast to curve rising cost of living expenses #APHeadlines

Unfriendly Woman Causes Own Harassment by Not Responding to Stranger’s Compliment #APHeadlines

RT @AP: Overly Friendly New York City Police Hug Drug Dealing Man To Death #APHeadlines

Four little girls perish when gentlemen play with explosives in Birmingham building. #apheadlines


Too much of the time, as I walk through the world and what I see is described back to me by the media, and then I hear people defending these media portrayals, and I feel my face go awry like one of Picasso’s paintings with the eyes all on top of each other, nose askew. I’m all there, but upside down and jumbled. I was so thankful to read the urbandaily.com article with the parody tweets. It set my head aright for a minute.The AP headline and the response to it makes the case better than I ever could as to why we need to insist on genuine respect and value for EVERYONE’S story lines. The scales tip just a little in the other direction and for some, the world is coming to an end, so sensitive are these folks to the slightest loss of comfort and standing, to not being the center, as God clearly intended. Mocking, degrading, dismissing this point as “political correctness” is falsehood of epic proportions. It’s the real “sin”. It prevents growth.

Truth is, most of these story lines STILL have not been expressed, spoken or written. There’s been no space for them to germinate, bubble up and display. No interest, really. Light-skinned folks have been sucking up all the air in the room

The white protagonist – always the hero, savior, villain, misunderstood, well-meaning, troubled, insane – but one thing for sure: ALWAYS the one of interest, always the one we are struggling to understand. Others? Cardboard cutouts, supporting characters at best, best friends, instigators – or triggers for the plot line of some poor victim, as in the case with the murder of a 19-yr old girl seeking help. Poor Mr. Wafer.

Could it be any more clear that we need EVERYONE’s help to see a more complete truth in this environment?