The Majority of Blind Men, the Elephant and Renisha McBride

Renisha McBride is the 19-year old woman who crashed her car on Nov, 2013, and was shot dead in the face while seeking help. After the accident, discombobulated (with a possible head injury), she found her way to Mr. Wafer’s house and knocked on the door in the wee hours. Speaking of narratives (pardon the pun), the Associated Press chose the following words to announce the success of the prosecution in the McBride murder case:

“Suburban homeowner convicted of second degree murder for killing woman who showed up drunk on porch.”

Okay, now just try to imagine a young white girl, all alone, coming from a night out, crashing, stumbling alone, a long way, finding a black neighborhood, finally – arriving on someone’s front step – disoriented and disheveled. A black man answers and ends the encounter by shooting her in the face.

With a tip of the hat (H/T) to and Robt. Jones, here are just a few of the reactions that parody the AP tweet.The hashtag generated was#apheadlines

U.S Ships refuse to get out of way of Japanese bombs causing a mess to form in Pearl Harbor #APHeadlines

Black people in Detroit participate in collective water fast to curve rising cost of living expenses #APHeadlines

Unfriendly Woman Causes Own Harassment by Not Responding to Stranger’s Compliment #APHeadlines

RT @AP: Overly Friendly New York City Police Hug Drug Dealing Man To Death #APHeadlines

Four little girls perish when gentlemen play with explosives in Birmingham building. #apheadlines


Too much of the time, as I walk through the world and what I see is described back to me by the media, and then I hear people defending these media portrayals, and I feel my face go awry like one of Picasso’s paintings with the eyes all on top of each other, nose askew. I’m all there, but upside down and jumbled. I was so thankful to read the article with the parody tweets. It set my head aright for a minute.The AP headline and the response to it makes the case better than I ever could as to why we need to insist on genuine respect and value for EVERYONE’S story lines. The scales tip just a little in the other direction and for some, the world is coming to an end, so sensitive are these folks to the slightest loss of comfort and standing, to not being the center, as God clearly intended. Mocking, degrading, dismissing this point as “political correctness” is falsehood of epic proportions. It’s the real “sin”. It prevents growth.

Truth is, most of these story lines STILL have not been expressed, spoken or written. There’s been no space for them to germinate, bubble up and display. No interest, really. Light-skinned folks have been sucking up all the air in the room

The white protagonist – always the hero, savior, villain, misunderstood, well-meaning, troubled, insane – but one thing for sure: ALWAYS the one of interest, always the one we are struggling to understand. Others? Cardboard cutouts, supporting characters at best, best friends, instigators – or triggers for the plot line of some poor victim, as in the case with the murder of a 19-yr old girl seeking help. Poor Mr. Wafer.

Could it be any more clear that we need EVERYONE’s help to see a more complete truth in this environment?