Island President

Please check out the documentary The Island President if you want to refresh your spirit and see some beauty in the bargain. It’s a primer on how to live a life with no regrets and centers on a currently unfolding story.

It’s about the young and vital, first democratically elected president of the Maldives, a country of 2,000 islands. It’s current as of 2012. It definitely ends in the middle of the story. He has some success in saving his country (and New York) from the rising oceans. But closing credits reveal he was deposed and ultimately imprisoned by a coup of the previous dictator.

HOWEVER, and unsurprising, if you see the film, as of 1/13/2014, he is apparently preparing for a return to office. This man is breathing the same air as did Madiba, That is quite a claim, I know, but you will believe me if you check it out for real, and it is happening now. Cigarette crusaders: sorry, but he is a smoker.