I am sure someone else has articulated this more gracefully, but we must ascribe value to our OWN lives. It is up to US to dignify ourselves. I’ve learned that, if nothing else.

I’m a music freak. All genres have artists that touch my soul and give me life. What dazzled me about the emergence of hiphop (not manufactured FrankenHiphop) was this: Here is the group of people that our society wants to HEAR from the LEAST. Society tried at every turn, to overwrite the true stories of young black men with its own narrative.

And what happens? Out of artistic hearts and the deep cellular roots of a tradition of oral history, bursts a form of music that centers on what? suppressed thoughts and words. Not “I Wanna Hold Your Hand”, but relating explicit truth to one another – society’s unwanted truth that will not be denied.

Mass media has twisted and co-opted it beyond recognition, and true artists have gone on to evolve it into something new. But not only my ass moved from those first old school jams. My musical heart was moved to tears of both laughter and sorrow. I am sorry for you if Рthrough exposure to top 40 rotation only and listening to what-other-people-said and 15 second snippets, Рyou missed it. #wonderoflifeforce #respecteachperson  #giftofart