I’m Not Cynical

I’m not cynical. It’s the opposite. From time to time, when I give my take on a topic in the news, I receive a surprised, “You’re so cynical.” People getting to know me don’t expect it, because I AM so positive. They expect rays of sunshine and daisies to flow from my lips. Hey, sometimes they do!

As a child, no one was really protecting me or to what I was exposed. So in the poor section of Miami Beach, I saw many things and experienced many things, too. Most of all, I saw really wealthy people come to act out where no one knew them. ALOT.

And at the apartment, I lived with an intelligent and curious person who was so done with being a parent and was still an abuse survivor as well as overworked, distracted and beaten-down-by-patriarchy.

So I am not surprised by things in the news that others are debating whether to believe at all. And to me, it is a KINDNESS to speak the truth and not look away from it. It’s what we can do!

Rape and child abuse are HUGE in this country. Note: My only question re Cosby is: Who did he piss off? What deal did he try to get out of that it is now suddenly Cosby open season? Of course he did it. But to think it is so uncommon…that is the part. Which well-paid underling was steering these hopeful girls to Cosby? Same with Jerry Sandusky case – only it should be a wake-up call and not “now we got that bad guy”. How many underlings looked the other way? For how many years? How many faceless peers shared his “interest” in founding Second Mile children’s charity? What did they tell themselves? So sad.

But a villain is found and scapegoated, thrown to the wolves so the rest can continue in quiet. If this is news, sorry to wreck your high.

You think it stops because it’s unpleasant to you when you notice it?

I REALLY don’t get the “staying positive” thing!!!! It looks to me like doing your part to support business-as-usual. And yet we wonder at the Holocaust and those reprehensible slave-owners. “How could this go on for so long?”

I am not for sensationalism. I get no kick. Check this: I don’t even rent movies with violence and sadism in them! That leaves out wide swathes of popular culture, that I would otherwise enjoy, let me tell you.

How come we are so into it on the screen but it’s so “inappropriate” and “extremist” to stand up to it in real life??!!!

I have an idea. How about learning to feel elevated, liberated and kind and good when you recognize an unpleasant reality for the first time? I think anything OTHER than that is CYNICAL!! Because it’s not telling the truth when deep in you, you know. How do YOU define cynicism?

And you have to ask, who are you protecting? And why?

Kendrick Johnson


To understand why this is my cover photo, know that we are told that this high school student, Kendrick Johnson – may he rest in peace – in school, after gym one day, tripped, fell, rolled himself into a gym mat and suffocated, while trying to retrieve his sneaker.

and also this:
“A state medical examiner ruled his death accidental, despite evidence of a neck injury found in a second autopsy conducted by a pathologist hired by the family. His fingernails had been clipped, his clothes were missing and his organs had been removed and replaced by newspaper.” from this: http://www.cnn.com/…/georgia-gym-mat-death/index.html…

Yes, organs can be removed during autopsy, But normally, if not damaged, they are replaced, and if not, it is not every organ inclusive of the brain, on down. It seems clear to me that this perfectly healthy innocent young man was killed, by blunt force trauma to the head (according to autopsy) and his organs were harvested. His mom now says, “I get up every morning, to fight for Kendrick.”

The depth of evil here and the breadth of the cover-up is unfathomable and the implications of the unified cover-up are beyond disturbing.


I made additional comments on January 13, 2014 on this page.
I have changed my cover photo and received a couple questions. So please forgive the “unpleasantness” of my explanation. That is fair warning.

I try to keep my FB page uplifting. I know hopelessness is a dark cloud that many keep away by shunning dark news. That is not my way. My belief is that we are all connected. Really. We are. So someone else’s pain is part of what is darkening my world. If I can AT LEAST acknowledge it, and support them, I make the world a little lighter and let in some new possibilities for them, however small. So I feel BETTER.

I have been visited by my share of hard to believe darkness and I bet you have too. If we are lucky, it strengthens us and bestows some wisdom. I can also say that the silver lining in negative experience is, hopefully: compassion and greater attempts at courage.

The young man’s name is Kendrick Johnson and his death is a mystery. At first, they tried to say he tripped fell into a rolled up gymnasium mat at school and suffocated!!!!!!!!!!!!! Honest. Okay.

When it did not fly, his parents were successful in getting him exhumed and it was found that all his organs (sensitive please stop reading at this point) from the top of his head to under his pelvis, every organ had been removed. This is within the range of what may happen in an autopsy. But typically, the organs are returned to the body and it is buried.

In poor Kendrick’s case, everything including his brain, on down, had been replaced with newspaper. Yes newspaper. You don’t need to remove every single organ in someone’s body to hide evidence if that is what you were going to say. Here: http://www.cnn.com/2013/10/09/us/georgia-gym-mat-death/index.html

WHY I CHANGE MY COVER PHOTO IS THAT RECENTLY, despite the continuing mystery, the Huffington Post published an “update” where they completely LEFT OUT ANYTHING ABOUT THE NEWSPAPER. Not even mentioned. In fact, they morphed the whole thing into a he said-she said false equivalency type deal. So I am sorry, but it has to be said. Someone(s) got to them.

It is obviously about money. This kid had no enemies. I am sorry to bring the following darkness to your world. But it lightens the load elsewhere for you to know, which ultimately benefits us all: There IS an underground network of organ stealing or “harvesting”.

I do not know what all happened. But if there is an effort to erase this newspaper aspect of the case from the news now, something is going on that affects more than the Johnson family! I want to do my part so I will have no regrets. Whatever it was and is, it needs to be brought to light for the sake of future Kendricks and their families, if nothing else.

We know from the Jerry Sandusky case that powerful people are protected. I personally don’t believe that we found out all their is to know about that situation that went on for how many years?! Sandusky just took the hit for others. Now here is another one. How widespread is this criminality? Who will they get to be the scapegoat when public outrage reaches a point that those “in charge” must take some action? What is really going on? Let’s be part of the solution and not the problem.